From the joys and challenges of making a film to a giant leap into the traveling unknown…

…MOMENTS OF TRUTH follows Caroline Kraus and her dog Henry as they take to the road for two years of documented adventure. Visiting small towns, universities and urban and rural communities, their encounters and experiences give context to the topic Kraus’s film explores — the societal acceptance of using animals, and the influences that give rise to our beliefs. 

In the process, parallels emerge between the concept of use and Kraus’s professional and personal experiences leading up to her choice to give up conventional employment, sell her belongings, surrender her apartment and make a documentary film by herself on her own terms. At stake is not only the outcome of Kraus’s film, but also her attempt to build a new life that bridges autonomy and freedom with interconnected responsibility. By exploring conditions that encourage us to detach and divide, Kraus’s journey reflects on the origins of societal norms, giving rise to timely questions about power and equality in a consumer-based world. 

Extended Trailer (5:40)

Moments Of Truth is written, produced, filmed and edited by Caroline Kraus

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